Services and Rates

My grant writing services are for nonprofits and municipalities who have the capacity to implement projects, but need extra funding to carry them out. Here’s what I bring to the table to help make it happen.

I have successfully acquired grant funding from the Erie County Planning Department, the Department of Environmental Conservancy, arts programs, and more. You can expect more than writing when you hire me. Expect a stronger articulation of what your program offers now and what it can be in the future.

My work process varies depending on services requested and project scope. However, any grant writing or editing project begins with a free consultation, either over phone or email, to determine grant or editing readiness, goals, and needs.

If we do work together to develop a grant, here’s a brief outline of the process.


I’ll look over existing grant materials and other organizational information first. This process will help me ensure your nonprofit is ready to apply for funding. From there, I will examine the request for proposal (RFP) from the funding agency. After that, I can offer an estimate for the project.


Once the contract is signed, I begin working on the grant. Teamwork is needed, so be sure to assign someone in your organization as a point of contact. I’ll also complete research to fill in possible gaps and to best meet funding requirements.


Working closely with the appointed contact person, I develop an application that fits the RFP criteria and best represents your organization’s mission.


Your organization can review the grant both during development and upon completion. I will make any needed changes, and then there is a final review before submission.


I can help with the submission process or submit the grant myself and send you a PDF copy of the application and supplemental materials for your records.


Now, I know what you’re probably thinking:

Sounds great! But pricey.

You’re right. My services aren’t cheap. But it’s because I invest heavily in the success of my clients and in my work. I want your program to get funded, and I want to develop an application I’m proud of, too.

I charge $20-$30/hour for my grant writing services, depending on project scope, application requirements, need for training of potential grant writers in your own organization, and other factors. I calculate blogging, marketing, and editing costs on more of a per project basis.

A Note About Contingency Fees

You may ask, “Can I pay you a contingency fee out of the grant if my organization receives an award?” The answer, simply, is no. The practice will affect your eligibility for funding. Grantmakers frown upon contingency fees, and many will not fund your organization if they find out you pay consultants on this basis. Funders rarely allow a grant writer’s fee to be included in the program budget. Hiding the fee elsewhere would be dishonest, and would most likely be discovered upon grant review, in any event.

If you’re ready to get into the grant writing game or need some promotional materials, reach out. I’m just an email away!

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