Six Benefits of Blogging as a Nonprofit

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to share the story of your nonprofit and its constituents. Storytelling helps communicate the value of your service and inspires your readers. Here are 6 reasons your nonprofit should curate a blog.

Blogging Helps You…Drive Traffic and Potential New Leads to Your Website

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Raise your hand if you want content that drives real results for your business and gets you new donors.

Or just blink. Or breathe.

Basically, I don’t know any nonprofit executive who would turn down the opportunity to increase their audiences. And that’s exactly what blogging gets you: more potential followers.

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your site, according to HubSpot. Another chance to tell Google and its users, “Hey, my site’s active! Come look at what we’re doing!”

Plus, when you’re blogging, you’re developing content that can be shared on other social networks. This sharing connects you to new audience members. And you can cross promote for max social media efficiency.

Humanize Your Social Media Campaign

Two people sit on a bench. Caption reads, "At the end of the day--it's always about humans. Always."

Giving a voice to both your staff members and the people you’re helping makes for a strong emotional appeal.

Strong conversion rates and ROI should be key factors in your team’s social media strategy.

However, storytelling trumps keyword stuffing every time.

Take, for instance, this story from Room to Read, a leading non-profit focused on girls’ education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa. Introducing the new Director of Girls’ Education Programs through a blog post creates a stronger connection for the audience than a simple hiring announcement.

Offer Real Time Updates

Blogging offers a platform for your organization to respond to news events as they happen–in more than 140 characters.

Position Yourself as an Authority

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Ok, you may not want to come off like a young Hermione Granger. However, blogging can be a great way to show off your organization’s knowledge.

Positioning yourself as an expert and answering questions with your own bit of personal flair can go a long way in gaining new followers or encouraging current ones to share your posts.

Converse with Audience Members

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Communicating directly your donors gives them incentive to continue investing in your organization. Making sure your blog offers them the chance to comment and share. These tactics will keep them engaged in your mission!

Expand Your Network

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Commenting on blogs of like-minded nonprofits is a quick and effective way to begin a conversation. It shows a genuine interest in your field, and can provide you with another outlet to share ideas.

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