Hi! Glad I could catch your attention.

I’m Sean, and I can help your nonprofit crush its funding goals through grant acquisition, but with a bit of digital marketing on the side.

Why the combination?

Simply put, it’s because grant funding alone is not a sustainable means of operating a nonprofit. Most fundraising experts recommend that grants make up no more than 20% of a diversified funding plan. Barbara Floersh of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, CA, says it best. “By planning to sustain outcomes beyond grant funding, most types of programs can collaborate with nearby organizations, secure in-kind services, and work with more community muscle and less cash.

So, what do I provide to help ensure your organization’s long-term success and viability?

  • Dedicated research. Need to find new national foundations? I can make it happen. Want to contact a local foundation? I’ll call, email, and give them an elevator pitch of your mission statement and why you need funding. Need more data to highlight the importance of your ask? I’ll do research and consult with other subject matter experts in my network.
  • Industry expertise. I’ve successfully submitted grants for school districts, municipalities, orchestras, youth sports programs, and more. I will help you find the funding sources that best align with your organization’s needs.
  • Consistent communication. I get it–as an executive director of a nonprofit, you can’t be spending time checking up on your grant writer. I’ll serve as your liaison with program representatives and give you regular updates on my progress.
  • Planning for future success. Even if your grant doesn’t get funded, I’ll be in touch to alert you to future opportunities. Plus, I’ll get a detailed review of your application so you can strategize for the next funding round.

Not quite ready to pursue grant funding at the moment? No problem. In the meantime, I can review and edit your organization’s current promotional materials. I also offer grant writing training so you can hit the ground running in the future.

Got a project in mind? Let’s talk. You can use this contact form or send me an email at smkediting@gmail.com.